Фото турове


1. Wallcreeper Photography – May & July
There are few places in Europe where you can observe and photograph wallcreeper easily at close distance. One of these places is located in Trigrad Gorge in the Western Rhodope Mountains.

2. Winter photography - Dalmatian Pelicans, Griffon Vultures and Golden Eagle 
These are some of the key species that we shall be aiming at photographing during this 8 days tour in Bulgaria and Northern Greece. February is the time when 

Dalmatian are in their super breeding plumage. We shall aim at photographing these majestic birds from the bank of the reservoir and from a boat. 

 3. Species Photography- all year round
Our species photography tours include macro photography (flora, butterflies, moths, dragonflies etc.), reptile and amphibians, bird and mammal photography landscape and travel. Are you interested in a particular species? Or in a place? Or in a type of photography? Tell us more about your interests and we will respond to your needs accordingly.

4. Photography From Hides
At your disposal we have three fixed hides in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, three fixed hides in Sakar Hills, and six hides in the region of Dobrudzha in the Bulgarian North-East. All hides are especially designed for the photography of Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, and Black Vulture, Golden Eagle and White-tailed Eagle. There are frequent visits by other species too, for example Golden Jackals, Long-legged Buzzard, Common Buzzard, Raven, Black Kite and Red fox. The hides are operating all year round. 

The best period to visit the individual hides depends on the particular target species.


For more information please contact BSPB/BirdLife Bulgaria.